This year for PortuTees was great in terms of traffic to the site and sales but just like any other business we ran into a lot of issues. All issues were resolved in a timely manner as customer service is one of our top priorities. The way we print product is not done in house but through print providers. We here at PortuTees design all the product and then send it off to the print provider once an order is placed and they print/ship to the customer.    When a customer asks for a shipping update what we provide them with is what the print provider gives us.    That is where returns come in play. When someone orders a shirt that is defective in any way, we can easily just order a new one free of charge on both ends. When it comes to size exchanges, we eat the cost on both ends. We do not have inventory to exchange from as we keep none on hand therefore, we just order a new shirt with shipping for the customer and typically do not ask for the original shirt in return.  The new policy in 2020 is that all orders are final unless you receive a defective item. I know that this might be an issue because you need to try on the item first to see if it even fits. We will do are best to accommodate the problem but as you can see it is more of a cost issue on our end and as a small business it just eats into are overall budget.