Feliz Natal from Portutees and now you can celebrate with 20% the entire site through Dec 20th and order before Dec 8th to ensure you get it by Christmas.

    I've been waiting to design a shirt for Madeira for a while because I did't want it to be over the top but wanted a clean look. I came up with 2 designs that I think look both clean and a bit over the top but represents the people of Madeira Portugal nicely.
  • PortuTees, a marca luso-americana que não se deixou abalar pela pandemia

    O objetivo da marca é espalhar a cultura portuguesa através de um meio diferente”, disse Azevedo, “e disseminá-la junto de uma audiência mais jovem”, em especial da geração mais nova de luso-americanos, que está a afastar-se da cultura.
  • Correio Dos Acores - Interview

    Filho de emigrantes picoenses cria loja virtual onde imortaliza expressões e tradições açorianas em peças de roupa
  • Printing and Returns

    This year for Portutees was great in terms of traffic to the site and sales but just like any other business we ran into a lot of issues. All issues were resolved in a timely manner as customer service is one of our top priorities.
  • HOLIDAY 2020

    Portuguese Holidays are filled with food, family and of course, church.
  • Stay Safe Part 2

    We've evolved to masks that are flipping cool. PortuTees has got you covered with 9 styles to choose from.
  • Stay Safe

    PortuTees is promoting safety with it's new line of neck gaiters.
  • Portugal 1143

    PortuTees ALL NEW Design is a mobile history lesson
  • Portugal Art Deco

    This is a one of a kind design that infuses the Portugal flag with the Art Deco look to create a shirt that gives off classy but cool.

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