It is that time of year when the Portuguese gather in your city, town, and streets to celebrate the Portuguese culture. The Portuguese celebrate many things from religion to the Día de Portugal or Portugal Fay. What is that you ask? Well, let us explain. 

Portugal Day, officially Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities (Portuguese: Día de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas), is the National Day of Portugal celebrated annually on 10 June. It is one of the publica holiday in Portugal and celebrated by Portugal people throughout the world. It commemorates the death on 10 June 1580 of Luis de Camoes, a poet and national literary icon. You can find Portuguese all over Canada, America, United Kingdom and more celebrating this day outside of Portugal. 

Thanks, Wikipedia, always there when I need them.  

That is a big one but there are others happening all over the place that are religious based. The Portuguese community is heavily entrenched in the Catholic religion and that is where the festivals primarily stem from. The Portuguese devote a lot of celebrations to the virgin Mary. Okay, let us not get to into that because it will be a lot to explain. All you must know is that Mary is the mother of Jesus and that is important. I know it sounds like church but believe us when you we tell you that it is full of dancing, drinking, eating and more. They are a ton of fun. Check your local Portuguese community in June because that is when the parties start. 

If you plan on being in Portugal in late June you must attend Festa de São João, Porto.     

This festival, which pays tribute to Saint John the Baptist, has been held in Porto on 23 June for more than 600 years. It begins with street parties and music begin in the afternoon, and the party continues late into the night. Party-goers release sky lanterns and balloons and enjoy a midnight firework display. They continue celebrating until dawn. As part of the celebrations, people bash each other over the head with plastic hammers. Young men also throw garlic flowers at women who take their fancy. It takes place in northern Portugal in the historic city of Porto.  

There are so many and so much eating, drinking, dancing to partake in. It is a culture that celebrates life and love for all that want to join in on the fun.   

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