Welcome to PortuTees   

Thanks for stopping by and let us tell you about the company. PortuTees is an idea that has been brewing for 3-4 years but not executed until 2019. Nothing was in the way but time. Now that we are available to design, no restrictions and have a full knowledge of Portuguese culture we've put our skills and experiences into the brand. We view ourselves as a design company first and apply that to apparel and other items.    

The lead designer and owner of the brand, Lafayette Azevedo had a hand in creating and forming another Portuguese inspired brand that went in another direction from his vision. Now he is bringing you what he views is a brand for all ages from kids to adults. If he designed it then he would wear it.

This is your home for all the latest in "NEW" Portuguese apparel. What do we mean by new? We aren't looking to make generic versions of the same thing that you can get on any site. We set out to make fun, original designs that the community can connect with through familiarity. Could you see our product in a Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters? That's how we approach it from the design aspect. We're not here to tread on history or obscure properties that you may not be aware of but to design what you know as "Portuguese" in a new way.

Let's all have fun together and enjoy what we wear on any occasion and not just Festa's and Avo's birthday.

It's all fun in the end and we aim to bring you joy and smiles when you wear PortuTees branded products. We want to bring you memories, laughs and want to wear you're apparel any time of year.

We'll be designing more and more so be sure to stop by and see what's new.  Sign up for the mailing list and thank's  again.


- The PortuTees Team