This design is inspired by the architecture and art style of the 1920's in Paris and later popularized in the United States. If you go to New York, Chicago, Paris and even cities like Aveiro in Portugal you'll see this style of art used on buildings. The most famous of all the buildings is the Chrysler building in Manhattan, New York. Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil is known as art deco due to its straight edge style and symmetrical look to it.    

This shirt has that feel of Art Deco from the 20's-40's New York ripped right out the pages of the Great Gatsby. Now of day’s kids where it because of the hip-hop influence they perceive it stems from but not knowing that this goes back to France before the First World War.    

This is a one of a kind design that infuses the Portugal flag with the Art Deco look to create a shirt that gives off classy but cool.    

Available now in the men’s and kids department.    

The men’s sizes are unisex so if women want to wear it be sure to size down.